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Helping you leverage real estate to build passive income and have more abundance in your life

Tools of the Trade

Normal schooling didn’t prepare you to master personal finance and build generational wealth.  It’s not too late. A few tools and resources will help you take the right steps while avoiding common mistakes, so you can meet your goals.


You may be afraid that you don’t have the financial savvy or enough resources to buy a home and/or rental property. If you feel behind in your financial goals and stuck in the rat race without an exit plan, you’re not alone. We can help.

Resources You Can Use Right Away

Free Instant Market Report

Find our what homes are selling for in your target market instantly. Sign up and receive market statistics for your local area, including recent and pending sales to find comparables for your analysis.

Investing Courses

Learn the fundamentals of investing in income producing properties end-to-end. Beginners and experienced professionals can benefit from training on financial analysis and market research.

Targeted Consultations

Get answers to your questions on credit repair, buying your first home, managing income properties and more. You have the option of short consultations and long form coaching sessions.

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