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Helping you leverage real estate to create long-lasting wealth and an abundant life

Tools of the Trade

Normal schooling didn’t prepare you to master personal finance and build generational wealth.  It’s not too late. A few tools and resources will help you take the right steps while avoiding common mistakes, so you can meet your goals.


You may be afraid that you don’t have the financial savvy or enough resources to buy a home and/or rental property. If you feel behind in your financial goals and stuck in the rat race without an exit plan, you’re not alone. We can help.

It’s hard to build wealth.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed?

  • Are you unhappy in what feels like a 9-5 rat race?

  • Are you longing for more time and resources to live your best life?

  • Are you anxious/concerned about retirement?

  • Have you fallen behind in your financial goals?

  • Do you wish you could have more wealth and leave more to your family?

We believe that you shouldn’t need a trust fund to build wealth for your family and enjoy life. You can grow your wealth sustainably with the right plan and tools.  

As busy professionals without wealthy backgrounds, we know the struggles that come with paving your own path to financial freedom.

Here’s part of our story.

Like you, we were frustrated by a complex, exclusionary financial system that no class or job prepared us to really navigate.

We started off with debt, no assets, in jobs that underpaid and underutilized us. We didn’t have a roadmap forward.

We were unable to live out our core values: 1) Resilience in family 2) Community prosperity 3) Continuous self-improvement 4) Live well and true to ourselves. 

Things changed when we started investing.

We found that real estate could meet our desire to build better communities while living an abundant life according to our values.

We want to share what we are continually learning and save others from the mistakes we made. Let’s accelerate your growth, so we can thrive together.

What Others Have to Say

As a first-time home buyer, I was intimidated by the prospect of starting my search. I wasn’t sure where to start but I wanted to be well-informed about every step of the process, so the task seemed daunting. This is where Maiki stepped in and not only demystified the entire home-buying process for me, but gave me the knowledge, tools, and insight to approach it with confidence and excitement. My first-time buyer consultation with Maiki provided a solid foundation in my journey to find the right realtor, lender, and ultimately, home. She helped me understand the process from start to finish, the current market, common buyer pitfalls, and smart vetting practices. If she was licensed in New Jersey, she would have undoubtedly been my first choice. I would highly recommend Maiki’s consultation services to anyone seeking to find the perfect home.


As a native to the Philadelphia region I have always dreamed of buying an investment property in the city, but having lived away for nearly 20 years I was always too timid to pull the trigger.  Maiki and Travis provided invaluable advice on where and what I should be considering given my budget and goals.  We evaluated many properties and advised that my favorite apartment was also actually a solid investment for yield with potential capital upside.  Within days they viewed the home on my behalf, and with their buy-in, I had the confidence and roadmap in place to move ahead. I have just closed on this apartment and could not have been happier with the experience.  This was my first real estate transaction and I would never have had the courage to move forward without their guidance.  I can’t thank Travis and Maiki enough!


I had trouble finding a home for my family in the DMV area. Some of the homes were not taken care of properly or the space was not feasible for us. The frustration became overwhelming at times because we had to move out by a certain date and I didn’t want to wait last minute to find something. What was different was the communication with Maiki and she was very genuine. I felt like she cared and the place look like they took their time in making it a home. I realized that this place was not like everywhere else and financially this made more sense for us. My life looks blessed and I am truly grateful I chose this home because I know GOD has plans for us here even though we may not see it yet HE chose this home for us.


Resources You Can Use Right Away

Free Instant Market Report

Find our what homes are selling for in your target market instantly. Sign up and receive market statistics for your local area, including recent and pending sales to find comparables for your analysis.

Investing Courses

Learn the fundamentals of investing in income producing properties end-to-end. Beginners and experienced professionals can benefit from training on financial analysis and market research.

Targeted Consultations

Get answers to your questions on credit repair, buying your first home, managing income properties and more. You have the option of short consultations and long form coaching sessions.

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