Learn with Maiki & Travis

Building Wealth in Community

Real Estate Investing Consultation

Help creating actionable goals and identifying the strategies that are best aligned to your objectives as well as your unique circumstances

Referrals to National Network of Real Estate Professionals

Support building a team, from realtors to GCs, to help with your next home purchase or income property investments 

Credit Repair and Money Counseling

Strategies and mediation tools to prevent money from becoming a source of stress in your relationship, so both you and your partner can reach your wealth goals

Real Estate 1 on 1 Coaching

Immediate answers to your most pressing questions, so you can execute on the investment strategies we create together with confidence and the tools for success
Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

If you are here, then you are serious about turning your dreams of an abundant life to a reality. You have decided to take action which is a huge first step!

We’re in this together

Save hours upon hours of unstructured research

Reduce and manage stress as you take on new risks

Avoid common traps and very costly mistake

Accelerate your wealth building journey with supportive network behind you

How it works

1. Schedule a consultation

Let’s meet to discover your “why,” for starting this journey, the reasons that will motivate you to put the time and energy into crushing your wealth building goals.


2. Choose a targeted strategy

We’ll work together to create a strategy and tactical plan that works best for you.¬†We’ll also talk about the internal and external challenges that may hold you back.

3. Reach your goals

With a tailored plan of attack and tools to support your journey, you can launch towards greater wealth; Enjoy the abundant rewards of your commitment to execute.

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